A Monthly Hands-On Mastermind for Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready For Their Next Uplevel To Building The Business Of Their Dreams
It’s Time For Your Hustle Switch to Turn Off, and Your Freedom Switch to Turn ON
You’ve worked your tail off in your coaching business, and what do you have to show for it when you’re on social media 24/7 chasing the next sale?

Yeah, you’re making 6-figures maybe even multi 6-figures, but that is coming at a price for you. The price of: never having time for yourself, your friends, or your family.

Let me give you some tough love: you’re settling.

You’re SO used to hustling at this point, that it’s second nature for you. Your mindset has created a connection between hustling=sales. Once you have made this connection, it’s literally EMBED into your everyday actions of your business.

But are you willing to stay in that forever? Are you willing to settle for this mediocre business of making okay money but never LIVING the dream life you want?

OR.. do you know you are meant for MORE?! Do you know how much of an impact you can create when you switch to the next level in your business by choosing FREEDOM!?
Here is your personal invitation to:
The Freedom Elite is a mastermind to creating the business and life of your dreams, but this isn’t your typical mastermind. NOPE! This mastermind is about actually implementing the work you need to get done in order to reach that freedom based business. This mastermind is about putting in REAL action steps to let go of the hustle and bring in the energy of flow.
Hey! I'm Alexandra.
I have worked with 6-figure and multi 6-figure online coaches that have hustled their way through having successful businesses. I also hustled my way through success when I owned my funnel agency of having $15K months, but the burn out was REAL. 

The wrong clients, the wrong team, the wrong offers, the wrong marketing, all of it was wrong. Which is when I decided to shift my entire business into just one keyword: FREEDOM. I am focused on designing MY business and MY life the way I want it.

--and I want to help you do the same inside The Freedom Elite.
How This Mastermind Works:
When you join The Freedom Elite, you will be apart of a group of women that are dead set on building their EMPIRES + having freedom. During this mastermind you are working closely with a freedom implementor to create a plan to freedom AND executing. 

Here is what we will work on TOGETHER:
  • Getting clear on what YOUR freedom based business looks like and what action plan we need to put together to achieve that
  • ​Building offers with better boundaries that will serve your clients to where they feel fully supported by your work WHILE ALSO providing you with living your everyday dream life
  • ​Creating + building workflows, systems, sales funnels, and advertising so most of your business is now running on autopilot
  • ​Establish accountability to making sure you ACTUALLY turn your hustle mode off, and be able to actually let go and trust that this freedom based business will work
This won’t be a mastermind where the coaching is just about talking about what you should do. Instead, The Freedom Elite Mastermind is a program to actually doing the work together to make it all happen.

The reason I created this really high touch level of support and accountability is because I saw that this was needed. 

Want to know what happens when you have a freedom based business? 

When you have a business that is giving you freedom, thats a business that THRIVES with your inspiration, and creativity. Which means a business that is in full alignment with the offers. A business that has happy, fulfilled clients. And a business that has you sipping on cocktails while making the dolla dolla bills!

Here is how I set this mastermind up:
Before you even get started with the mastermind, we want to make sure you have a mapped out action plan based on what your goals are for life and business. This plan will be put together by me so that you KNOW the plan will become reality.
Accountability to actually make sure you implement your action plan is SO important. I knew if I didn’t put this in the program that so many of the students would be lost and end up back in their hustling ways. It can be REALLY easy for someone who is used to the constant hustle in order to make sales to go back to it. We are going to keep you accountable to what you really want, which is making an impact in the world while living the life you love.
When I first started this mastermind, I had no idea how much mindset would play into it, but realized very quickly that yes you guys need it. The mindset portion of this mastermind will take place a lot during our group calls. We will really dive deep into fully trusting and knowing that you don’t have to constantly hustle in your business in order to make more money. Understanding that in order to create an impact in this world and create your empire: you need to actually doing everyday tasks to live in that kind of success.
Done With You
This is such a vital piece of this mastermind. You are being paired with a freedom implementor that during your calls, you will actually be able to execute the hands on work that needs to get done to be able to let go of those hustle tasks such as; sales funnels, ads, onboarding workflows for your offers.
I want you to take a second to think about what YOUR dream business looks like:
  • Feeling fully inspired, creative, and aligned within your business to understand the impact you are meant to provide this world, helping millions of people
  • ​Making multiple six figures that flow easily to you annually from happy clients who always want to work with you + tell all their biz besties all about you
  • ​Having the FREEDOM of going on vacations, take afternoons off with the girls, do weekly date nights with your lover, binge watch your fave Netflix shows, and still grow your audience, serve your clients, and of course make that CASH!
  • ​A business that is fully supporting your day to day lifestyle -- let’s design your business around your life, not the other way around
  • ​Knowing this is the business you wanted from the beginning, and you get to have your cake and eat it too -- DUH, that’s what the cake is there for!
Final Note From Alexandra
I know how it can feel to look at another program, and think to yourself “how is this different!?”, “It won’t work for me”. 

What you will have in this program is almost like having a mindset coach, business coach, and done for you team member. I don’t kid around when it comes to my freedom, and I won’t let you kid around with yours. 

So that’s why I am dead set on you having the support needed for the mindset, strategy, and accountability of the powerful woman I know you are.

I see the impact you are destined to have, it’s time you actually had a business that is actually utilizing that impact to create your EMPIRE. But what makes this program different from others is that when you invest in The Freedom Elite, I am invested in you. 

I am fully invested into each of my freedom elites to help them create the business and life they are destined to have. 

So thats why I only take in the people who are ready. The ones who are willing to not only invest financially, but the ones who are invested from their heart of their ultimate purpose.

Is that you?

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